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General Information

Social Time!

Children, no matter their age, want and need socialization and friendships.  This classroom is designed to meet the needs of children ages 2.5 years through 6 years old.  Each class runs for 2 hours and 45 minutes, three or four days per week.   

Hands on Activity...

Our classroom is filled with various Montessori materials and activities to help keep children interested, learning and having fun at all times.     

Cleanliness and Organization

We take the cleanliness and organization of the environment very seriously.  We use products that are full disinfecting strength while also being safe to use with children.  The teacher wipes down, disinfects and deep cleans all materials as well as the classroom in its entirety in between each class and at the end of the day.   

Caregivers and Teachers

The caregivers and teachers in our part time program are kind, caring and highly qualified for their position.  We pride ourselves on having the most loving staff who truly have a passion for spending their time with children.      

Small Group Size

Although our classroom is very spacious, we will have 5-7 children per class to allow for individualized care and a calm environment.       

Immunization Documentation


Due to classes running for less than 3 hours a day, there is no requirement for immunizations and/or immunization documentation.


18 months- 2 years

3-6 years

6-10 years

6-18 months






Registration Fee*


*50% discount for additional children. This is a one time, non-refundable fee that does not go towards monthly tuition. Discount applies to the registration fee only.

Tuition is paid on the 1st of the month with our autopay form via checking account or credit card. 

Friends and Family Planning:

Currently, at The HOMEschool Place, we have the ability to provide individualized small group care for your specific group of friends and family for the 2 hour and 45 minute classes, three or four days per week. The purpose in doing so is to provide an environment to respect social distancing from strangers outside of your immediate group.  A discount is given if all spaces are filled by serving children within your own private group of family and friends.  Also, the ages of children can vary outside of the typical 2.5 years old to 6 years old age range so long as all children enrolled are a part of your "friends and family group".


According to the New York State Education Department:


"Parents of, or persons in parental relation to, compulsory school age children have the legal right to instruct their children at home. If a child is being educated at home, the local school district must be assured that the child is receiving instruction in certain required courses/subjects.


Parents who wish to home school their children must provide written notice of intent to the school district superintendent. The school district must then respond to the family and provide a copy of the home instruction regulations as well as an individualized home instruction plan (IHIP) form to complete. Parents are responsible for identifying the curriculum materials that they will use to instruct their children in the required subject areas."

Part 100.10 of the regulations describes, in detail, everything in regards to home school requirements in NYS. Please visit for more information. 

Homeschooling your child can be one of the most enjoyable, rewarding experiences you and your child ever have together! If you have any questions about the regulations or process, please do not hesitiate to send an email to inquire for tips or personal advice.